A few of my favourite clothes, shoes and accessories!

Hi everyone!

I’m really into fashion and I love putting new outfits together so I thought I would share some of my favourite clothes, shoes and accessories for today’s post. I really enjoy reading blog posts like this and have even bought some of the clothes and accessories that other bloggers have shared. It may also inspire you to try new styles like it has with me!

Here are a few items of clothing that I love…



This top is from New Look and I love to wear it with my black skinny jeans. It can be casual or smart and is such a simple and pretty look. It also looks great with my black bomber jacket from River Island.


I buy all of my jeans from New look as they are affordable, good quality and a great fit. I mostly wear black jeans as they go with so many tops but I also have several pairs of blue jeans which I like to wear during the warmer weather.



I have a lot of floral tops as they are so pretty! The following top is the first item I bought from Forever 21. It’s the perfect crop top for the summer months!



I really like ‘Cold shoulder’ tops and jumpers, especially these two from New Look. They are really comfortable, stylish and I love the colour of them both.


I bought this denim jacket from Select a couple of months ago. I had been looking for a black denim jacket for a while and this one stood out from all the rest! It’s fantastic quality and great to wear on sightly chilly days.

The last piece of clothing is a gorgeous white lacy crop top from Missguided. I love wearing this on special occasions!


Next up… shoes!


I don’t wear high heels very much but when I do, I like to wear heels that look stylish but are also comfortable and the heels in the picture above (from New Look again) are both of those things.

I wear flat, ballet pumps or my white converse trainers most of the time but I do like to wear ankle boots through autumn and winter.

Finally, here are some of my favourite accessories!


How nice is this handbag? I use it all the time and so many people have said they really like it. I think it’s actually the best handbag I’ve ever bought. If you’re wondering, it’s from New Look!


I bought this necklace when I was on holiday in Spain, I believe the shop was called Bijou Brigitte. They sell some really delicate, pretty jewellery!


Earlier this year I went to Tenerife and when I was at the airport I spotted an Accessorize so obviously had to go in and have a look around. I ended up buying this necklace!


I received these pretty, bow earrings as a Christmas present from my parents. I love dainty, rose gold jewellery so these were perfect!

So that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. This is the first fashion post I’ve done and I would like to do more so if you have any ideas for future fashion posts, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear some of your ideas!

Rianna x


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