Spain 2015…

Hey everyone!

Last October I went to visit my grandad in Spain for a week. He has his own place over there with amazing sea views! I thought I would tell you all what I got up to and share some of the photos I took.

After an early morning flight, we arrived at my grandads house feeling very tired! We had a little walk around the area my grandad lives in and we took my grandads dog with us. His name is Ollie and he is SO cute!


On the second day, we went to Torre Del Mar (it’s only a 5 minute drive from my grandads house). We had a look around all the shops and whenever I go abroad I always try to find a new bracelet because the jewellery is so pretty and unique. We had some lunch and a walk along the beach where I took some photos. In the evening, we went to Nerja for a meal! On the drive back to my grandads house, me and my mum knew that we had to go back to Nerja the next day so we could look around properly.


The following day we went back to Nerja. Everywhere you look is just beautiful, I couldn’t stop taking photos! The shops are so quirky and I really had to control myself so I wouldn’t spend all my money! We stopped for ice cream (I had an Oreo ice cream which was delicious!) because we needed to cool down as it was boiling! Here are some photos I took…


We went to Rincon De La Victoria the next day which is full of shops! We had a walk along the beach and then we stopped for drinks. I ordered a strawberry smoothie and was not disappointed! In the afternoon, we went to Frigiliana, a pretty little town with a few shops. There wasn’t much to do there but we enjoyed looking at all of the houses, it seems like a lovely place to live.


We had 2 days left in Spain and we wanted to make the most of them so my grandad took us to Gibraltar. Without a doubt, this was one of the best places I have ever been to in my whole life. We got on a cable car which took us all the way up the Rock Of Gibraltar and we saw loads of monkeys! We were able to get really close to them and there were even baby monkeys which were adorable! It was such an incredible experience and hopefully I will get to go back there next month! You do have to be really careful though as they will grab things from your bag if you leave it open.


On our last day, we chilled out by the pool in my grandads garden and enjoyed the sunshine. When we started to get hungry, we went to a really nice restaurant for dinner. Here are a few more photos that I took…


I really didn’t want to leave as I had enjoyed myself so much but now I’m counting down the days until I will be there again. 34 to go!

Rianna x


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